Inspired by my hardworking, big-dreaming grandfather, my life’s calling is to help others dream bigger and achieve those dreams.

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On my journey, I found the key to helping others achieve their big dreams was in helping them find financial freedom.

That’s why I pursued my Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from Western Illinois University, and then followed it up with my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with emphasis in Finance and International Business.

With the foundation for my first dream in place; in 2011, I created the McCulley Financial Group. We help individuals and corporations accomplish their biggest dreams and achieve financial freedom through strategic financial and retirement planning.

Working with thousands of clients, I saw that many people needed an easy-to-use tool that could help them visualize their future, and stay on track with their savings, without the dread and doom-and-gloom of retirement planning. That’s what inspired me to create The DreamNumberTM platform, which provides a realistic roadmap to users’ wildest dreams.

And during all of this — I was golfing as much as possible and creating the non profit organization Champions for Cures with my friend Eric Kingdon — and I realized something…

Too many people have felt forced to give up on their dreams or stop dreaming altogether, which is a travesty. Changing this is what drives my work. If you want to learn more about my philosophies around giving yourself permission to dream, you can find them in my book, Your Bigger Future.

I’m always working on and pursuing my next big dream. One of which is to play every course on the “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses” list AND the “World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses” list with my clients, friends and family.

Why don’t you join me sometime? 

Two of my Big Dreams in Action

Tailored solutions in 401k and retirement plans, financial planning, investment management, asset protection and more.

Our goal? Raise more than $1 million dollars in the fight against cancer. We’re over halfway there.

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